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2016-2017 Undergraduate Student Research Grant Award Application Form

Announcement of the 2015-2016 Undergraduate Student Research Grant Awards:

The Undergraduate Student Grants Committee has completed its review of the 2015-2016 Student Research Grant proposals.
This year, we received nine proposals and awarded partial or full funding to seven projects.

1. Brandyn Balch from SUNY Geneseo was awarded $250 for his proposal, “Potential impacts of hemlock woolly adelgid induced tree mortality on hemlock ravine lotic ecosystems.”

2. Kimberly Anderson, from SUNY Oswego was awarded $300 for proposal, “Correlating
MHC IIB diversity to susceptibility to Bd and ranavirus in Green Frogs.”

3. Rebecca Gerling from SUNY Brockport was awarded $400 for her proposal, “The influence of the cellular environment on the stability and structure of  Z-form RNA.”

4. Calvin Carrington from RIT received an award of $50 for the best proposal and $500 in funding for his proposal, “Effects of native and invasive fruits on plasma metabolites in captive migratory songbirds.”

5. Colette Piasecki-Masters and Danielle Bucior from Ithaca College received an award of $250 for their proposal, “Plant uptake of heavy metals from bombing sites on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.”

6. Keri Geiser from Hobart & William Smith Colleges received an award of $500 for her proposal, “Reconstructing past primary productivity of four New York Finger Lakes using multiple proxies.”

7. Kathleen Lesko from Niagara University received an award of $300 for her proposal, “Measuring the degradation of cadmium sulfide yellow and chrome yellow pigments after varnish application.”

Last Updated September 12, 2016