——————— Other Publications ———————


The Bulletin

Every month, September--June, the RAS Bulletin apprises members of programs and
outings for the month. It also presents short articles written by members on topics of
timely and/or timeless interest. Any member of any section may submit items for the
RAS Bulletin.

Guide Booklets

Joint efforts by many Academy members resulted in three "Getting Acquainted" guide
booklets. The first, Getting Acquainted with Mendon Ponds Parks, was followed by
Getting Acquainted with Birds In Genesee County and Getting Acquainted with the
Geological Story of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Areas
(out of print). The Guides
contain maps. articles, illustrations and reference lists.

Rochester Mineralogical Symposium Publications

Program Notes from the 38th RMS -- April 2011

Program Notes from the 39th RMS -- April 2012

Section Publications

The Rochester Astronomer is the monthly publication of the Astronomy Section that
lists events of the section, viewing opportunities, and articles pertaining to astronomy.
The RocKester News, when published, contains articles and news notes in greater detail than are printed in the RAS Bulletin.
The Fossiletter, published monthly except July and August for members of the Fossil
Section, features noteworthy items of special interest to fossil collectors. Other sections
provide special notices of meetings, with maps, as necessary.

Online Publications

Morgan, Bob (2003), Amazing Pyrites Shapes of Huanzala, Peru an interactive slide show.

Dudley, Paul (1998). Planetary Society Expedition to Belize:
In Search of the K /T Boundary and other Adventures

Getting Acquainted With the Geological Story of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Areas, Published by the R.A.S. in 1968 -- (currently out of print – but an online version is available here)

Meteors and Meteorites, a CD-ROM containing many historical documents about meteorites.