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Proceedings of the Rochester Academy of Science:

The Proceedings have been published on an irregular schedule since 1890. Original papers relating to the natural history of western New York State and biographical articles on the scientists who contributed to our knowledge of this field are featured in this publication. The abstracts of papers and posters presented at the annual Scientific Paper Session are included in each issue as well.

The Proceedings are distributed on an exchange basis throughout the world to institutions and libraries through the University of Rochester Library. Distribution is primarily to college and university libraries, and secondarily to museums, government research units, sister academies, and public libraries. Foreign exchanges go to appropriate institutions throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Original papers relating to the natural history of Western New York State are published in the the Proceedings (of the Rochester Academy of Science). The glaciology of the area, the water levels of Lake Ontario, the flora of Bergen Swamp and Mendon Ponds Park are some of the topics explored in earlier issues of this journal. (Some back issues and reprints are available in limited quantity). There is no fixed schedule for publishing
the Proceedings.

Since 1890, the Rochester Academy of Science, Incorporated has published in its Proceedings numerous papers dealing with the natural sciences.

An archive containing scans of Volumes 1 through Vol. 21 of the Proceedings can be accessed from this link. (as PDF format files)

A sampling of some of these historical documents is presented here.
Vol. 2, pp. 151-153, June 27, 1892, Preliminary Note of a New Meteorite From Kenton County, Kentucky, by H. L. Preston
Vol. 2, pp. 171-173, December 12, 1892, Preliminary Notice of a New Meteorite From Japan, by Henry A. Ward
Vol. 4, pp. 65-66, & plate 1, November 26, 1901, The St. Genevieve Meteorite, by Henry A. Ward
Vol. 4, pp. 79-88, & plates 7-11, December 12, 1902, Description of Four Meteorites, by Henry A. Ward
Vol. 4, pp. 89-91, & plate 12, April 15, 1903, Reed City Meteorite, by H. L Preston
Vol. 4, pp. 137-148, plates 13-18, March 24, 1904, Willamette Meteorite, by Henry Ward
Vol. 4, pp. 193-202, & plate 19, August 21, 1905, Bath Furnace Aerolite, by Henry A. Ward
Vol. 4, pp. 225-231, & plates 23-25, June 14, 1906, Three New Chilian Meteorites, by Henry A. Ward

Volume 18, Numbers 1–4, published November 1998.
Volume 19, Numbers 1–3, published March 2002
Volume 20, Numbers 1–3, published October 2012
Volume 21, Nunbers 1 –5, published October 2020

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